Organic Baby Products – Eliminating Carcinogens

By | December 15, 2020

One of the major benefits of using organic baby products is that they are naturally free of ingredients known to be carcinogens. No new parent wants to learn that many of the lotions, powders, cremes and salves they are putting on their baby’s tender skin contain substances known to be carcinogenic or that break down due to natural factors into substances that release carcinogens. It’s important to read the labels, of course, but by using organic baby products, you are less likely to find questionable ingredients in the things that you use for your baby’s comfort.

Types of Carcinogens

It is difficult to determine precisely the effect that certain chemicals will have when placed on the baby’s skin. The chemical may be directly harmful or the product may contain ingredients that break down when placed in or on the body to create negative effects on human skin. These ingredients are usually found in mainstream products, but organic baby products either do not contain the ingredients originally, or the product has been treated in such a way as to remove the dangerous components. True organic baby products contain no harmful ingredients to risk your baby’s health and potentially his or her life.

Hidden Carcinogens

Hidden carcinogens in baby products are scary things. They are substances which may appear safe but under time or environmental conditions, they will ultimately deteriorate and release carcinogens. Babies are extremely sensitive to substances that are carcinogens, making it particularly important for parents to select organic baby products for the new baby. Organic baby products do not contain carcinogens, hidden or obvious. This makes them worthwhile to purchase even when prices are somewhat higher than those of standard products. Just by reading labels and informing yourself about carcinogens, you are less likely to choose harmful products for your child.

Carcinogens in Mainstream Products

Many wetting agents and detergents contain large amounts of carcinogens especially when combined with dioxane and ethyl oxide. Combinations of these lethal ingredients are particularly dangerous in combination with Laureths, Ceteareths and PEG’s. Instead of using these ingredients in your cleaning products, choose organic baby products and give your baby a better start in life. You should also avoid detergents containing triethanolamine that can interact with nitrite and form another carcinogen called nitrosamine. organic baby products are a much smarter choice to avoid exposing your infant to dangerous chemicals.


There are fragrant products, many of which are found in baby products that contain carcinogenic ingredients. In addition to known carcinogens, at least one quarter of these ingredients that are used in baby care products are known allergens. The fragrances that are used in these products often cause skin allergies in babies. Why not choose organic baby products instead for your infant. You won’t be running the risk of hidden carcinogens being introduced into your baby’s clothing, food and bedding. You also reduce the incidence of irritated skin with allergic reactions. when you introduce substances on your baby’s skin, you want to be assured that they provide protection, not harm.